Sunday, 24 January 2010

A time too short to make a world-without-end bargain

I have three minutes, three minutes, to write something and then I have to get down to work. Got a big deadline for next Saturday. The biggest deadline yet, as a matter of fact. My book manuscript goes to the publishers on Monday 1st February.

Actually, what I'm most looking forward to when the job is done is the chance to be normal again ... Okay, well, at the very least the chance not to have to feel I need to work six days a week, with a few hours on a Sunday on the grounds that it isn't servile work.

Maybe at that time The Sunday Morning Soapbox can expand a bit, perhaps even go to a quasi-daily. I will need all the mental fresh air I can find. We'll see. The first priority is actually to get some real fresh air.

Grrr, I have now been typing for four minutes, so I shall slip away, possibly to return later with more news (grrrrrr, five minutes!).