Friday, 19 March 2010

But the one thing that makes spring complete for me

Alright, I know I'm a little bit ahead of the game but there is no doubt spring is here. Have you seen the weather this week? I ask almost in order to get some information out of you (all three of you). I have spent most of this week either in a chair or in bed suffering the effects of a late winter bug that took up residence last Thursday and seemed to be on some kind of busman's holiday until last night. Finally, finally, expectoration has begun ... okay too much info there. Moving right along.

But listen, I'm not the only blogger to be talking about spring. The puppy-kicking author of Orwell's Picnic has a delightful little piece anticipating spring which she published on Wednesday. If you live in the UK, you look at those pictures - the garden, the fruit, the flowers, the fishmarket (yes!) - and wonder again why on earth you are still living in this nasty little pimple of a country, encrusted with more nanny legislation than ever before, losing its Gulf Stream, practically bankrupt, and ruled by the mad, the bad, and the excessively well-funded.

But then - [Innocent tries to make the most of being penniless and prospect free] - what if being receptive to spring is the only way of revolting against this revolting mess? Look, I'm not out to chant 'every-day-in-every-way, etc'. I'm continuing my thought from Monday really. Sadness is of the devil. Joy is of God. Or at least we are most ourselves when we are joyful. The trick of course is to be joyful under current conditions; which I suppose means being joyful as a way of being subversive, as a way of revolting. Or perhaps there is also a place here for the nostalgic lament which comforts and consoles as it exorcises. How did we ever think we could call ourselves Christian and not expect to get our portion of trouble? But we did, didn't we?

I know. Believe me, I know. But then, who was it reminded us that in the Gospel the only recorded instance of Christ actually singing is after the Last Supper and before his agony on the garden? I don't know where I'm going with this thought, other than to welcome spring, to celebrate St Joseph (with whom I have a fraught and difficult relationship), and to try to get my own vision clear.

I tell you nought for your comfort,

Yea, nought for your desire.

Except of course I wish you a happy spring and a joyous ending to Lent.

Right, nausia over Back to the grind, you three!


  1. Sorry, for those of us in the beginners' section, what was the question?

    It almost looks nice enough to risk venturing out of doors here, in the grim north, too.

  2. "The trick of course is to be joyful under current conditions; which I suppose means being joyful as a way of being subversive" -
    sounds like a good plan :)

    weather report: am currently languishing in London and it's starting to look distinctly grey. I think that still means Spring though.

  3. weather report: after 8" of snow on Satuday, -9 degress on Monday morning - spring appears to have sprung today. 12 degress, and smells have returned! The sudden change in temperature made for quite an olfactory shock.

    If it wasn't for larger-than-usual quantities of fresh and as-good-as-fresh (newly defrosted) dog poo everywhere, it would have been a very pleasant shock. Maybe I should go raise organic chickens on the be-treed ancestral acres after all ...

  4. Madame, a grey London is defo a sign of spring.

    Berenike, freshly defrosted dog poo ... well, yes, probably in Eastern Europe, that is a sign of spring!

  5. Raven: he's from Failsworth; it means there are only questions, starting "Why Me?"

    The daffs opened this morning, and we have three clumps of hyacinths where we have only had one before. The snowdrops and crocuses have disappeared, and the force that drives the green fuse is in fifth and motoring.

  6. He's never from Failsworth? Raven, are you from Failsworth? Blimey, now that's where I grew up!

  7. I think Ttony was referring to you! I was born and raised in that corner of a foreign field that shall be forever Gujarat (Leicester).

  8. Hang on, just how many of us reading this blog are from Failsworth?

  9. Well, I'm FROM Failsworth! Where are you from MOTL?

    And if I'm not mistaken, Ttony just lobbed an empty bottle over from Langley!

  10. They're like that in Langley. I am a product of St. Mary's. I have probably cleaned the church with your mother at some time.