Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Causa honorabilis

You know what drove me to the soap box? It was Stephen Fry.

He's never off our screens these days, and he has been in the news again this week when he said was going to give up Twitter because one of his many thousands of followers said he was a 'bit boring'. I've tried Twitter, and a 'bit boring' is something of an understatement. Still Fry's reaction - teddy slung from cot, threats of stopping Twittering, hurt feelings - just defy belief. He's a manic depressive of course and has our complete sympathy. But threatening to stop Twittering because someone thinks he's a 'bit boring' is getting beyond the realms of preciousness.

Any sympathy I feel for Fry evaporated though when I read last week about his remarks to a Nigerian archbishop during the Intelligence Squared debate.

'What are you for?' he growled at the poor cleric.

And on reading that, I thought it was about time I joined the melee.

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  1. Dear, oh dear! Hitchens at it again... He certainly is a force to deal with, though he is a force through his bullying tactics in debating. "Belloc... come forth!"