Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It wasn't Brown's; it was Balls'

More news on the BBC's way of telling half a story. Just as their TV news bulletin this morning totally failed to acknowledge that the DCSF last week rebuted accusations concerning Ed Balls' ammendment to the Children, School and Families Bill, so the Today programme on Radio 4 covered the story in the same way. At least we have editorial consistency. What we also have as well is an opportunity for the pro-government view to be repeated and repeated and repeated. After all, what safer way for a policy to innoculate itself than to be injected with a bit of John Humphreys' venom (a more honest man than many think but losing his precision and rigour here).

Listen here.

And if you are a Catholic parent consider this: soon the only liberty your Catholic school will retain is the liberty to mention the Catholic teaching on abortion, contraception and homosexuality. What, if I have understood Ed Balls correctly, it will not be able to do is:

1) teach that the Catholic view is the only valid view

2) fail to teach the moral viability of the options represented by abortion, contraception and homosexuality


So, what I'm keen to know from the Catholic hierarchy is what they are going to do about this principled IMPOSITION of sub-pagan morality on the souls which have been committed into their care.

It is as impossible for Catholic schools to teach the moral viability of abortion, contraception and homosexuality as it is for them to teach the moral viability of racism.

Now, dear bishops, is your moment. Now is the moment to kick out this daft category of 'faith schools' and start pressing your arguments on the basis of Christian rationality which objects to these issues because of natural law.

Otherwise, you will be swept away with the rest.


  1. Strong words, Innocent, but fair and just ones.

    Catholic schools, which have for a long time taught the Faith poorly, and in some cases so poorly that no teaching at all on the Faith would have been the better option, and which are beset by contamination from the modern cultural obsession with permissiveness and license, now will HAVE to teach their pupils how to do things that cry out to God for vengeance, and to set aside any attempt substantively and objectively to criticise such things.

    And we will still call these places *Catholic* schools?

    And we must we stil consider our Catholic bishops, if they remain quiescent over this, our *shepherds*?

  2. I think the Gospel advice is something like hear them because they sit in the seat of Moses, but do not do according to their works.

    I just cannot believe this wretched government will be allowed to get away with this. Dominus adjuva nos.