Thursday, 13 May 2010


Very sorry, dear readers - all three of you - it's been a helluva week chez Innocent. Last weekend took me to a far-flung corner of the country. Lovely place, happy company, all-round excellent trip. But this week has come down on me like a ton of bricks. It is the examination period and my profession is kept rather busy at this time of the year. Then, I also have a paper to prepare for a conference in Rome in two weeks. This is what Sir Alex Ferguson calls 'squeaky-bum time.' Hmm, says it all really. Innocent is also threatened with unemployment pretty soon too, so if you have a spare prayer going, I could use it.

Meanwhile, the country is reeling to news of the 'new politics'. Or at least that is what we have been assured of by the politicians forming a coalition government of Conservative and Liberal Democratic sentiment. How does one tell them to pull the other one? If you believe that, you'll believe anything. Sure, they will all be friendly to start with, but just wait for human nature to click in. And we'll be back to the old politics, which in fact we will never have left! Dontcha just love the 'société du spectacle', as that old French alcoholic Guy Debord called it?

Meanwhile, the truer things of life, the seasons, the spring, the morning chorus, seem to go on in spite of it all. Even old Gordi Brown acknowledged, as he was leaving Downing Street, that being PM was only the second most important job he could do in life. His young children waved at the photographers in ignorant and wild abandon. And there was a moment of humility, the afternote of a premiership of hubris. I might wish us all such moments.

So, it's back to the grindstone. Never mind the taxes, feel the pinch. If, like me, you're a public sector worker, well, make sure that vegetable patch is dug. I would, were it not for the fact I leave my digs at the end of June. Who knows where, who knows wither? As I say, all spare prayers are most welcome.


  1. Although tempted to have a mini rant at the political state, that's not important at the moment.

    Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, Innocent!


    (23.26pm UK BST 13th May 2010 - Proper Ascension Thursday)

  2. Thoughts and prayers for you, Innocent. I'd appreciate the same - I'm job-hunting and doing supply right now...

  3. Good luck and prayers, Innocent. PS What about some sort of PR job with our new political masters? Be selective though!

  4. Four readers, four readers!

    Thanks, guys. Much, much appreciated.

  5. Stop, this is going to go to my head!

  6. A little late here, but at the risk of overpowering the soapbox server - six! You can blame Fr. Blake for this, Innocent...