Friday, 7 May 2010

Hung Parliament

So it looks like a hung parliament scenario, with the strong possibility of a Con-LibDem coalition. There will be no word from David Cameron until 2.30pm, by which time I will be sailing up the M1 on a weekend break (yes, another one, it's shocking!). More comment when I return. It's always possible that Nick Clegg will tease us and then join hands with Labour. We must wait and see.

In the short term, we can observe that some awful people have been voted out, most notably Dr Evan Harris who was MP for Oxford West. Harris was known as Dr Death for his support for the anti-Life agenda and for the way he worked the lobbies during the vote on the Human Embryology Bill. Whether his successor, Nicola Blackwood, proves to have a better voting record on Life remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, here's a thought from a friend. 'A hung parliament? Okay, which one should we hang first?'

Deus, exaudi nos!

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  1. Well she is a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, so I think we can safely conclude that, however weak they might be, her stance on life issues is infinitely better than Dr Death's.